In Remembrance of 2811 Chippewa

On the night 2811 Chippewa burned, it’s owner, Jason Deem, saw the flames and rushed over. He mourned his favorite building on one of his favorite streets as the Saint Louis Fire Department sprayed it down. The next day, on June 14, 2016, a couple dozen people gathered for visitation. They drank Busch beer, passed around a whiskey bottle and a eulogy was given by architectural historian Michael Allen.

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Whiskey and Rings

Congratulations to Jason and Angie who tied the knot last weekend at Rocking J Ranch. The day wouldn't have been complete if we didn't check out the bar they own on Cherokee Street, Whiskey Ring.

Festival Favorites (Cinco de Mayo 2016)

After the final band played, I went to the taqueria where I ran into another photographer. He was from the Netherlands and couldn't get over how friendly and acceptive everyone was to his camera. All I said was, "welcome to Cherokee Street." Because I have yet to find a place to match these vibes.