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Jarred Gastreich was born in St. Charles, Missouri. Lewis and Clark began their westward expedition there in 1804. Gastriech departed when he graduated from primary school and he landed 30 miles east in St. Louis. He found work with newspapers, museums, community organizations and engaged couples who valued his self-taught photography. The technical stuff was practiced at Picasso’s Coffee House during their open mic nights. Meanwhile, he honed his visual preference by looking at older photographs from when the camera was first miniaturized. The absence of a tripod meant that these  photos more candidly depicted life.

Whichever event he is photographing, one eye is looking for images that will sell the client’s vision, while the other eye responds to moments that sells the uniqueness of humanity.

Living in Chicago, Illinois.

Accepting new clients who have unique photography needs.

Always looking for collaborators for gallery shows.